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Building Up Caring and Responsible Young Men

Our mission is to prepare at-risk inner city youth for responsible and productive futures through a program of disciplined work experience and service in their community, leadership development and individualized planning for post-High School careers.


The Urban Ranger Corps provides boys and young men ages 12 to 18 with a unique opportunity to develop the appropriate life skills necessary for them to become successful and contributing members of society. We offer each participant a global view in the content areas of Career & Academic Enrichment, Financial & Entrepreneurial Education and Neighborhood & Community Involvement.

URC Alum Frenklyn Piggie, Jr.

URC Alum Frenklyn Piggie, Jr.

Fr. John portrait.jpg

Father John Wandless

Founder, Urban Ranger Corps

The Urban Ranger Corps (URC) was founded in 2005 by Father John Wandless (while serving as pastor of an inner-Kansas City parish, St. Louis Catholic Church). His hope was to instill hope in inner-city boys by making “room” for them in a world they see “as a place that has no room for them.”

Based on a life-time of experience, Ft. John believed hope could be instilled through a year-round program consisting of disciplined work experience and training, carrying out community service projects and attending developmental workshops. Ft. John believed the Urban Ranger Corps is the best approach that Kansas City has to give inner-city kids hope in their futures, motivation to achieve in school, support to steer from drugs, guns, and gangs and help them pursue productive, life-giving careers in pursuit of the American Dream.

Since its beginning, the Urban Ranger Corps has worked with more than 973 young men, many of whom have gone on to college, joined the military or entered into the workforce.

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