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Name: Cannen Hill

Age: 16

Years at URC: 5


Cannen is a junior at Raytown South High School. He plays for the school’s basketball team and is a member on the debate team. His interests are in the areas of writing, graphic design, and pursuing his dream of becoming a professional basketball player.


Cannen has served his community in various ways.  Not only does he serve with URC, he volunteers in urban gardens, landscaping, and working with community neighborhood associations.  His experience as a Ranger has helped him understand the importance of respect while giving him tools to grow and mature in different environments. 

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Urban Ranger Corps

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URC is an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3), as of March, 2005, and classified as a “public charity” under section 509(a)(3), as of June, 2009, of the Internal Revenue Code.