Responding to Change

This is a different time for all of us, and we are trying to find ways to operate effectively while practicing social distancing. Our Staff and Board of Directors have decided that our summer program will be virtual, with no group activities. In addition to weekly zoom meetings with team leaders the rangers will attend three program courses: Literacy, Entrepreneurship and preparation/updating of their Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP).  The rangers will continue to receive summer stipends for their attendance at virtual classes, meetings with staff and mentoring sessions.


The Annual Dinner Committee has reviewed all possibilities for this year’s annual event.  After talking with family, friends and constituents we have learned many people would not be comfortable attending a dinner or small event, and many are “burned out” by virtual events.


So, the committee has decided to hold an UNevent!  We will not be hosting dinner or virtual event. 


Instead we are asking you to consider a sponsorship of this year’s UNevent!  Your donation will be a win-win situation for both your organization and the Urban Ranger Corps.  You won’t have to attend an event, but you will continue to support our young men.



Please consider supporting the UNevent! Act II by selecting one of the sponsorships below. You can also DOWNLOAD a Sponsorship Commitment Form and mail it in. For other ways to support the UNevent! Act II, you can click this GIVE NOW button to make a donation.